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Welcome to flooble's Chatter2Go!

Current version: 0.01 (Apr. 25, 2003)
This is the first version of Chatter2Go, intended mostly as preview and for testing.


  • Embed into pages via javascript include.
  • Configure number of lines and default Anonymous name.
  • Allows to set password and data path (needs script to be writable).
  • Stores date and IP for posts. Only partial IP shown publically.
  • View full IP in admin screen.
  • Admin screen allows to delete messages, get insertion code.
  • All HTML is escaped.

  • What is it? In short, Chatter2Go is a stand-alone version of our popular chatterbox service. You can see a sample in the sidebar of this page.

    So what's the difference? Well, Chatter2Go is a downloadable PHP script, that you install on your own server. This means you are no longer dependent on the flooble servers for running your page's chat script. While we try our best to have chatterbox up all the time, outages do happen, and then, our members pages can appear slow or broken. This is not an issue with Chatter2Go.

    Because it lives on your server, it would still keep working if flooble went down for some reason.

    Additionally, if you use Chatter2Go, your visitors will not be shown any ads. Advertising is a neccessary evil that helps us pay the cost of running a free chatterbox service, but since Chatter2Go uses your resources and costs us little, we will not make ads appear on your pages.

    Chatter2Go is currently in beta development, and will be adding features on a regular basis. Unlike regular chatterbox, it will be up to you to keep current with the latest release of Chatter2Go.

    Chatter2Go requires PHP to run, but needs no database, as it stores its data inside of a text file. PHP scripting is provided by most webhosting companies, so if you pay for your hosting, you can probably use PHP scripts. (If you are not sure, please ask your web hosting provider of your account includes PHP support.

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