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Development history of Chatter2Go
The following is the list of released versions of Chatter2Go including changes between then and projected goals for following versions.

Version 0.01: Apr 25, 2003. (Initial release)
This is the first version of Chatter2Go, intended mostly as preview and for testing.


  • Embed into pages via javascript include.
  • Configure number of lines and default Anonymous name.
  • Allows to set password and data path (needs script to be writable).
  • Stores date and IP for posts. Only partial IP shown publically.
  • View full IP in admin screen.
  • Admin screen allows to delete messages, get insertion code.
  • All HTML is escaped.

    To do:

  • Implement smiley support (will require download of smiley pack)
  • Implement IP-based blocking
  • Add smart HTML handling (links picked up, etc.)
  • Allow users to set maximum word length to avoid stretching of layouts.
  • Keep it free. Give $2!


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