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Quick-Start Guide to Chatter2Go
Follow these simple step-by step instructions to get Chatter2Go up and running on your site in no time.

Remember though, that Chatter2Go needs PHP to run, so if your host doesn't offer it you are out of luck!

Step 1

Download the Chatter2Go script. If you have not already done this, download the script here. You should have a file on your computer called chatter2go.php.

Step 2

Open your FTP program and log in to your hosting account. (In this guide we will use the free SmartFTP program to illustrate as we go along)

Picture 1: Logging in.

Step 3

Navigate the FTP program to the folder on your hosting account where web pages reside. (You will usually see some .html files here.) The folder is commonly called htdocs, www, public_html or wwwroot.

Picture 2: Finding the web folder.

Step 4

In the web files folder, create a new folder and name it "chatter2go".

Picture 3: Create a new folder.

Step 5

Set the permissions on the newly created chatter2go folder to be readable, writable and executable by the Owner, the Group and Everyone (Public). (This is also known as Mode 777)

Picture 4: Modify permissions.

Step 6

Go into the chatter2go folder, and copy the script you downloaded in Step 1 into it.

Picture 5: Upload the script file to the server

Step 7

Using the same commands as in Step 5, edit the permissions for the newly uploaded script file (chatter2go.php). Enable the reading and writing of the script by Owner, Group, and Everyone. (This is known as Mode 666)

Picture 6: Set the script's permissions.

Step 8

Open your browser and navigate to http://[YOUR SITE]/chatter2go/chatter2go.php (Substitute your site name in the URL above). You if you've done everything up to this point correctly, you will see a page with Chatter2Go telling you it needs to be configured first.

Picture 7: First look at Chatter2Go.

Step 9
Click the "Configure Now" link, and you will go to the Chatter2Go configuration screen. Before doing anything here, you will want to create a password, so that only you can change the settings here.

Picture 8: Go to change password.

Click "Change data path / password", and put in your password twice in the boxes provided.

Picture 9: Put in your password twice.

Click "Save", and you will be taken to a screen asking you to log in:

Picture 10: Log in to the configuration screen.

Put in the password yuo have just created, and click "Login". You will be back on the screen on Picture 9. Click "Proceed to Set-Up" from here to return to the main configuration screen (Picture 8).

Step 10
Configure the Chatter2Go to display the desired maximum number of lines and the default user name (Picture 8). Click "Save" when you are done.

Step 11

Now it's time to insert the Chatter2Go code into your web page. To get the code, click "Get Insertion Code" in the main configuration screen. You will see the Chatter2Go HTML code in a text area.

Picture 11: Get the Chatter2Go HTML code.

Copy and Paste this into your page's source code, into the spot where you want Chatter2Go to appear:

Picture 12: Paste the code into your page.

Once you are done, save and upload the page to the server.

Note: If you are trying to insert Chatter2Go into a template-driven website, you will need to paste the HTML code into the template rather than the actual page. When your site is re-published, Chatter2Go code will automatically appear in all your pages.

You can use the "!" link next to the Post button to go into the configuration screen.

Step 12

This last step is optional but highly recommended for added security.

Re-open your FTP client, and go to the chatter2go folder you created in Step 4. Using the same procedure as you did in Step 7, remove the Write permission by the Public (Everyone) from the file "chatter2go.php". Then do the same for the chatter2go folder itself.


You have successfully completed the setup of your very own Chatter2Go script. Happy chattering.

If you encounter any problems with this process, feel free to submit a Help Request describing your issue, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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