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<liam>: Update profile to add links
<VladyF>: WHAT!? I can't hear ya
<VladyF>: Looks like I got fooled by the upside down shoutbox as well :)
<nm69>: who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
<nm69>: yo does anyone possess video tuts for V conversion?
<liam>: Hey bud, theres one under the latest tutorials tab to the left here.
<liam>: The Crew Models coming soon. Full cars!
<Threep>: Hellaflush, Stickerbomb,Forza Horizon? work.
<Liam>: Thx Threep, I had to change the YT embed code
<Threep>: Great ;) This shoutbox sucks somehow XD

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