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<Threep>: Hellaflush, Stickerbomb,Forza Horizon? work.
<Liam>: Thx Threep, I had to change the YT embed code
<Threep>: Great ;) This shoutbox sucks somehow XD
<nm69>: does dusan align script work in max 15? its from the import 3dr tut
<nm69>: don't update your steam copies of IV and EFLC if you dont want your radio songs to disappear.
<nm69>: so there's no .3dR import plugin for Max 2015 ...have to rely on obj :/
<threep>: Spongebob Squarepants!
<nm69>: lol you seeing the shoutbox upside down Threep? :p new comments down here
<threep>: stop using my name.
<nm69>: smh, lost $500k in GTAO after returning to game a year later. R* support says can't give it back even if technical glitch. :/

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