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<Jose Dillane>: Hola
<Math Man>: We need more votes on many of the problems in the queue. Journeymen, please vote!
<Charlie>: more recent posts to the chatterbox seem to have disappeared (2019 Sept 26)
<broll>: 22 new comments, none to do with the problems themselves.
<beautohill>: hi
<Alyssa>: Hola
<Troy>: .
<Cascadehealthcare>: nice
<Ady TZIDON>: Magic trick
<Math Man>: Happy New Year! Does anybody have an idea about Company Conundrum 2?
<Ady TZIDON>: 13
<yaminidas>: model girls yaminidas
<broll>: A Happy belated New Year to all
<Chris Hemsworth>: hello
<broll>: I've not been able to log in for days, has there been a problem?
<Ady TZIDON>: what now
<Ady TZIDON>: erroneous entry
<ISO Certification>: aaa
<Namtra Henaa>: namtrahenaa
<Nayla Kirana>: wddf
<BrendonRuter>: tyrty
<Lucas Mark>: hello
<CeasarQuadro>: 23
<Ady TZIDON>: This month top brings top rated problems.
<Ady TZIDON>: Should be fixed...
<Math Man>: I put a new post in the Forums about how to stop the spam on perplexus. Please read it and comment on it.
<Ady TZIDON>: Sequences
<Ady TZIDON>: Sequences
<Savewizard Crack>: In the previous versions of the save wizard you need to upgrade the version of the software to get latest mods. But most of the customers were not satisfy with the upgrade of the software with each new save mode release. That’s why the company made chan
<Larry>: see HINT for Accelerating Sequence

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