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<broll>: Happy New Year all!
<Jer>: Hippo Gnu Year!
<Johno Zapatek>: But February made me shiver...
<Priya Gupta>: Hello
<Math Man>: Does anybody have an idea about my puzzle Terrific sequence?
<Robin>: hELLO
<Robin>: I M NEW HERE
<Brian Smith>: Hello Robin, enjoy the puzzles!
<Charlie>: Two puzzles got posted accidentally this morning (June 7 2016).
<Math Man>: Somebody should solve Terrific sequence 2.
<Ady TZIDON>: I believe a hint is needed...(Nov 26, 2016)
<Neeraj Shah>: hey
<Ady TZIDON>: triplets
<Ady TZIDON>: Math Man , please send me your email address. Tnx." :
<Ady TZIDON>: There is someone posting "hello" as an answer ... See "new comments"
<Jer>: Spam is trickling in 4/24/17
<Ady TZIDON>: How do we fight it?
<Ady TZIDON>: Does it appear on everybody's browsers?
<Ady TZIDON>: posted on 4/25/17.
<Charlie>: Yes, it had been appearing. There doesn't seem to be any more since. (as of 4/26/17)
<Math Man>: 2 puzzles were posted today. I posted the first puzzle. Who posted the second puzzle?
<Larry>: Is pid=10385, Easy does it (Posted on 2016-03-26) a valid puzzle or a hack?
<Ady TZIDON>: jer, to-day the number is 112,
<Ady TZIDON>: jer, to-day the number is 112,however my advise is to postpone your decision, if you rely solely on my future contribution-
<Ady TZIDON>: I will be on 3-week vacation , cruising the Mediterranean and have no idea how active will I be towards perplexus.
<Ady TZIDON>: Prior to my departure on Oct 30 I might be able to chip in 6-10 original puzzles and then zero (worst case) till Nov 21 or 22.
<Ady TZIDON>: With this in mind do not be too hasty to change and revert again.
<Ady TZIDON>: Please confirm reading this - here or on the reviewing board.
<Math Man>: The problems below today's problem are all in italics. This is probably because the italics in The royal sisters were not done properly. Can somebody please fix this?
<Jer>: Now that it's a day old the problem seems to be gone..

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