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<Ady TZIDON>: jer, to-day the number is 112,however my advise is to postpone your decision, if you rely solely on my future contribution-
<Ady TZIDON>: I will be on 3-week vacation , cruising the Mediterranean and have no idea how active will I be towards perplexus.
<Ady TZIDON>: Prior to my departure on Oct 30 I might be able to chip in 6-10 original puzzles and then zero (worst case) till Nov 21 or 22.
<Ady TZIDON>: With this in mind do not be too hasty to change and revert again.
<Ady TZIDON>: Please confirm reading this - here or on the reviewing board.
<Math Man>: The problems below today's problem are all in italics. This is probably because the italics in The royal sisters were not done properly. Can somebody please fix this?
<Jer>: Now that it's a day old the problem seems to be gone..
<Ady TZIDON>: jeopardy
<Ady TZIDON>: (posted by mistake)
<Ady TZIDON>: Charlie - I would like my puzzle "in memoriam" to be published on Aug 16" 2018
<Ady TZIDON>: Solvig it- you will see why....
<Ady TZIDON>: once you solve it- you will see why.
<Ady TZIDON>: Please confirm
<Charlie>: It will need to be in the visible (top 10) queue and have net +3 votes, then any scholar can publish it.
<Charlie>: Publishing usually takes place within a few minutes after noon UT in the summer after 1 PM UT in winter.
<Ady TZIDON>: like 9:01 AM in Israel?
<Ady TZIDON>: So I will make the "push", ok?
<Ady TZIDON>: Charlie, see my updated E-address
<Charlie>: Noon UT should be 3 PM in Israel.
<Charlie>: The UK is 1 hour ahead of UT in the summer and Israel is 2 hours ahead of the UK.
<Ady TZIDON>: thank you, ,,,done.
<Math Man>: Who published "31 days ago" today? It is 9-15-2018, and the puzzle was supposed to be published on 9-16-2018.
<Ady TZIDON>: I did. Erroneusly, but no damage occurred
<Ady TZIDON>: I did. Erroneusly, but no damage occurred . Too late to be sorry
<Ady TZIDON>: I did. Erroneusly, but no damage occurred . Too late to be sorry...
<Daniel>: please remove the comment with the fake windows 10 update link. It is a virus
<Daniel>: it is in the latest problem "Jeopardy Style II"
<linapham>: sdhf
<Math Man>: Does anybody want to solve my puzzle "The 100th number"? It is a very great puzzle.
<Studio Kristo>: I want to try solve the puzzle.

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