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<vijayig23>: d
<ansu123>: gt
<Ady TZIDON>: quick
<jeetusing23>: f
<raju singh>: hy
<Tokyos12>: tokyos12
<Chhavi Garg>: Delhi is where I am from and based. I'm available for professional companion, domme & switch including dinner dates, overnights and you can fly me to you.
<Samantha Davis>: cdxs
<Aashvi Khanna>: Visit Here Angel
<mypcpanda1>: z
<sanu>: sanu
<Taya Flores>: hi
<sonuizbkm>: vgg
<Pierre>: hi
<K Sengupta>: Copies
<mboplayslots>: hi
<Math Man>: Did 2x4=4x2 just get published today? I could have sworn that it got published yesterday on 10-3-2023 before the site went down. When I came on this morning, there were no puzzles on 10-3-2023. Now, 2x4=4x2 is up with today's date, 10-4-2023. What happen?
<Ady TZIDON>: Four f
<K Sengupta>: My opinion is completely in conformity with MM on this one- and accordingly I would ask the same question!
<Charlie>: The restoral from backun resulted in some data loss, per levik.
<Ady TZIDON>: 3 unknowns
<camp147>: hii
<Ady TZIDON>: Four fours
<K Sengupta>: Four fives
<michaelcc132>: michaelcc132
<edhacare>: edhacare
<Ady TZIDON>: Those
<Ady TZIDON>: Those
<K Sengupta>: Problems.

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