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History for Perplexus's Flooble Chatterbox
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# Name Message Info
1Ady TZIDONOver a month ago I have started a new thread at Forum's Librar,-Delay your posting by Ady TZIDON on 2014-07-16 15:04:26 ..Wed, Aug 20 2014 (11:42:33 am); IP: 5.22.130.*; (@WWW)
2Ady TZIDONSo far nobody commented. I still think it merits your attention..Wed, Aug 20 2014 (11:43:42 am); IP: 5.22.130.*; (@WWW)
3Ady TZIDONPlease comment at the Forum.Wed, Aug 20 2014 (11:44:46 am); IP: 5.22.130.*; (@WWW)
4CharlieHmmm.... I just put in a reply in that forum and it disappeared. See the queue chatterbox, for other peculiar things that are happening to other types of post.Thu, Sep 18 2014 (09:11:53 am); IP: 71.172.70.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
5DustinI tried to submit a problem, and it was similarly gone. I tried to bug levik, but that also disappeared.Fri, Sep 19 2014 (03:44:28 am); IP: 97.87.120.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
6CharlieI submitted two test problems. The first did not disappear until I deleted it. But the second, which contained an apostrophe, did not appear among my puzzles. Thanks to Larry for noticing the apostrophe situation in regard to queue comments.Fri, Sep 19 2014 (11:45:52 am); IP: 71.172.70.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
7BractalsIf I type in a solution to one of my problems, I can save it. If I paste it in, it disapears when I save it.Sat, Sep 20 2014 (11:01:42 am); IP: 71.118.35.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
8BractalsTried it again with a kluge and it worked. Added a kluge line before and after the solution to be pasted. Edited the kluge lines after pasting and before saving. Afterwards I deleted the kluge lines.Sat, Sep 20 2014 (11:17:39 am); IP: 71.118.35.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
9LarryPosted a problem and its soln with pasting followed by some editing; seems to have worked. Had not seen Bractals post yetSat, Sep 20 2014 (01:59:03 pm); IP: 100.45.80.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
10K SenguptaoptimalTue, Oct 14 2014 (09:52:37 am); IP: 202.142.103.*; (@WWW)
11levik...Mon, Nov 10 2014 (10:05:59 am); IP: 69.117.173.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
12Ady TZIDONno sSun, Nov 23 2014 (11:45:02 am); IP: 37.19.120.*; (@WWW)
13Ady TZIDON-erroneous entry>Sun, Nov 23 2014 (11:45:40 am); IP: 37.19.120.*; (@WWW)
14Ady TZIDONIn the last 48 hours whenever I enter Perplexus the default page is a page with a random problem.Fri, Nov 28 2014 (09:49:59 pm); IP: 5.144.51.*; (@WWW)
15Ady TZIDONWhat happened?Fri, Nov 28 2014 (09:50:31 pm); IP: 5.144.51.*; (@WWW)
16Ady TZIDONentry made on Nov 29,2014Fri, Nov 28 2014 (10:55:28 pm); IP: 5.144.51.*; (@WWW)
17Ady TZIDONMy "cash and chit" is stuck with 2*TU's. Pleadse vote- either way ! 12/13/14Sat, Dec 13 2014 (03:55:24 am); IP: 37.19.127.*; (@WWW)
18Ady TZIDONcorrected: Please VOTE....Sat, Dec 13 2014 (03:56:58 am); IP: 37.19.127.*; (@WWW)
19Ady TZIDONmediansSun, Dec 21 2014 (03:39:50 am); IP: 37.19.127.*; (@WWW)
20K SenguptasudokuSun, Jan 18 2015 (01:45:15 am); IP: 101.58.253.*; (@WWW)
21CharlieDanish, can you respond to comments on your Very very colourful puzzle?Mon, Feb 02 2015 (10:41:49 am); IP: 173.63.163.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
22Charlie... in the queueMon, Feb 02 2015 (10:42:05 am); IP: 173.63.163.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
23K SenguptacompositeMon, Mar 02 2015 (12:09:32 am); IP: 115.246.223.*; (@WWW)
24JerHappy pi day!Sat, Mar 14 2015 (04:54:49 pm); IP: 72.79.195.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
25K SenguptalightThu, Apr 16 2015 (06:11:28 am); IP: 115.250.112.*; (@WWW)
26Ady TZIDONnoThu, Jun 11 2015 (05:00:35 pm); IP: 37.19.120.*; (@WWW)
27CharlieChatterbox seems to have reverted to an earlier day. This post: 2015 July 11Sat, Jul 11 2015 (09:42:41 am); IP: 71.172.62.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
28CharlieSorry. I was thinking of the queue chatterbox.Sat, Jul 11 2015 (09:43:45 am); IP: 71.172.62.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
29JerI added a forum post that may be of general interest.Mon, Aug 24 2015 (02:58:54 pm); IP: 72.79.241.*; (@WWW)(Avatar)
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