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About Chatterbox
What is flooble Chatterbox?
Flooble Chatterbox is a free Javascript service that allows users to put a chat area on virtually any page. It's very simple - there is no software to install. All you do is paste the code we provide into the body of your page, or the template of your weblog.

How does it work?
You can see a working example of the flooble Chatterbox on the right. Once you paste in the Chatterbox code we will give you, a very similar Chatterbox will appear on your own page. (Except it will have your colors and fonts by default - without any custom settings!) All the visitors of your page will see the Chatterbox and be able to leave you, and each other messages using it.

Leaving a message is easy, simply type in your name and the text of your message into the fields at the bottom of the chatterbox, and click "Post" Your message will usually appear on the page instantly, without having to reload.

Does it cost me anything?
No. The flooble Chatterbox service is absolutely free.

Who can use it?
Anyone can post a message on a Chatterbox. To add a Chatterbox to your page or weblog, you will need the ability to customize at least a part of your web page's HTML code or your weblog's template (for example many weblog services allow you to paste in custom code to appear on the sidebar). Step by step instructions are available for many popular welog and free hosting services.

Can I customize a Chatterbox?
By default, Chatterbox will do its best to fit into your page. However, you can customize it by adding URL posting support, Smilies support, chosing to place your messages in a scrollable window - for which you can pick the size and colors, and more! It's very easy to use our web-based edit page to customize the Chatterbox to your liking.

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