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Flooble has teamed up with Avatarity.com to let you use graphic Avatars whenever you post something to any chatterbox. (An "Avatar" is a small graphic, up to 100x100 pixels that you can use to represent yourself online. It can be your picture, or a picture of your favorite star or movie character - or something different altogether.)

You don't need a Chatterbox of your own to pick an Avatar! Even if you don't have a Chatterbox you can still use this feature if you post on other people's Chatterboxes!

Simply select an avatar using the link below, then whenever you post to any Chatterbox on the internet your avatar will be shown in the info popup for your message. Avatarity.com includes a large selection of avatars - but if you don't find what you are looking for, you are always welcome to submit your own. (Currently, you can only use avatars from Avatarity.com with Chatterbox)

You currently do not have an avatar selected.

Note: The avatar is saved on your computer with a cookie. Anyone posting to any chatterbox from the same computer will be shown with the Avatar you select. If you don't want this, you can "Unset" an Avatar on this page.

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