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Scripts for Xanga users
Xanga users make up a large percentage of the chatterbox userbase. Therefore, we decided to take the time and create a few special tools for them to get more out of their chatterbox experience, by better integrating chatterbox into their Xanga page. (Don't worry, if you don't have Xanga, or don't even know what Xanga is, you can still get and use chatterbox on your web page.)

If you have Xanga, but do not yet have chatterbox, you can go here to get step by step instructions to set it up.

These scripts have been tested with the basic (unskinned) version of Xanga, but they can probably be made to work with a Xanga skin given a little hacking. Installing the scripts is really easy: simply copy the code you want, and paste it into the "Website Stats" box on your Xanga's Look and Feel page. Hit "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page and you are done!

If you installed one of the following scripts prior to June 9th 2003, it probably stopped working, due to a change made by Xanga. Below, you will find updated scripts that will work as they should. Simply paste these new codes in instead of the old ones.

Note: You can only use one of these scripts at a time. Errors will probably occur if you try using two or more at once. So don't do it.

1. User Detection
This script will automatically detect if your visitor is logged into their Xanga account. If so, it will prepopulate their name and Xanga URL (if it's enabled) into chatterbox.

2. Xangans Only
This script goes a step further by letting only logged in Xanga users post to your chatterbox. If your visitor is not a Xangan, or is not logged in to their Xanga account, they will not be allowed to post. (They'll still be able to see all the messages.) Additionally, if a user is logged in to Xanga, they will be restricted to posting only with their Xanga user name.

If you have any trouble installing these scripts, you can submit a trouble report and we will try and help you. (Please be sure to indicate which script you are trying to install, and what problem(s) you're experiencing.)
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